A​bout Termites                                                                                                                                                  Termites belong to the insect order isoptera, meaning `equal wings`Termites have been around 250 million years there are 2500 termite species world wide .Over 350 species of termites are found in Australia ,which only approximately 20 commonly cause damage to buildings Mature termite colonies can contain 60,000 termites. Termite nests contain a queen and a king a nursery and soldiers and workers .Some species build a hard -shelled mound above and partly below ground. Others build their nests in trunk of a tree or below ground in the root crown or in your home A nest can contain several million termites.  The termite queen has secondary and teriary reproductives to help lay eggs. She can lay up to 1000 eggs per day. Soldiers and workers are blind and sterile termites. The workers carry out the work of the colony and are responsible for gathering the food, grooming other termites, constructing tunnels and repairing damage. In addition to the Kings, queens and their young, the soldiers defend the colony against attacks


It is important to correctly identify the type of termite before beginning termite treatment ​as the location of the nest and other habits of the colony will indicate the most treatment appropriate method

Species of Termite Coptotermes :  Located throughout mainland Australia, this species is aggressive in its search  for food and attack many  non-wood items and timbers in your home in search for cellulose materials. Colonies often nest in trees or stumps but can form nests without touching the ground               

Species of Termite  Schedorhinotermes: These termites build fragile nests in place such as old tree stumps, in timber buried in the ground and also such places as Timber retaining walls, fences, under slabs, bathrooms, in filled patios, and fire places. Although the damage can be significant, it often appears patchy, with huge gouges taken out of sound timber, particularly around nails in floor boards or other timbers.


Species of Termite Nasutitermes: Nasutitermes usually build a low mound between 30cm and 75cm above the ground and are more common across South Australia, although we get them in Queensland as well. Nasutitermes build part of their colony as a nest on the branch of a tree, the rest is constructed in the ground. This genus will mainly attack hardwood, such as that found in fences and timber decking.  

Species of Termite Mastotermes: Mastotermes are found mainly north of the Tropic  of Capricorn.  These large termites can devastate buildings, bridges, poles, trees, and crops.  We have also found them here in QLD. Media and papers call them the Super Termite.

Species of Termite Hetermes: A significant structural pest through Queensland, northern WA and the NT. They are generally considered to do little damage to timber in service, restricting their attention to weathered timber fences, decking and posts.   

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