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if you are buying or selling a home , safeguard your property from any termite infestation with a little help the experts a Termvision Termite Specialists . We provide termite inspections through  out the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas . Termite inspections and timber pest pre-purchase inspections are the foundations of Termite management .They are used to assess not only the potential timber damage within the building but also to gauge the type of management and actions required . Inspections are crucial for preventing or reducing the risk of termite attack. The Australian Standard recommends that every residental home receive  an inspection every 12 months .if you would like to book in a termite inspection ,please contact Termvision Termite Specialists today.    

Termite Colony in wall cavity

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Annual inspection

An annual termite inspection is an inspection of the building and property including roof void, subfloor, internal and external timbers, trees and fences within the property boundaries. It deals with the detection of live termite activity and evidence of termite damag, including details about areas of risk. In addition to termite damage, a termite inspection can also help to detect issues which may lead to termite problems down the track. These include rising damp, wood rot, poor drainage, leaking and broken plumbing, leaking shower basins and sinks, and non-functioning ventilation. The inspection includes all accessible timbers within the crawl space in the sub-floor, roof void, interior, exterior area, gardening landscaping, fences, other timber structures and trees in the locality.

At Termvision Termite Specialists, we only use the latest equipment including a termitrac to pick up movement in the walls and a moisture meter for detectiong moisture levels. A Thermal Imaging Camera is used to help detect the presence of termites. The camera uses a hgh resolution monitor to display temperature differences down to 0.05 degrees celcius allowing the operator to see both warm and cool areas in wall and ceiling cavities caused by termite infestation. Due to the highly sensitive resolution of the unit, active termite leads in hidden cavities are als visible in ideal conditions. A termite inspection gives information which includes:

  • A written report to Australian Standard 3660

  • Detection of old termite damage and the extent of the damage

  • Detection of active termites and the extent of damage

  • Details of the element of risk of a termite infestation

  • Tips on reducing the chances of termites in your building

  • Information to accurately quote you on a termite control treatment and utilise the appropriate method to protect your building from termites

  • Information to help educate you about termites

  • The identification of the termite speciies within your building

Pre-purchase Inspection

A pre-purchase timber inspection by a qualified professional is carried out in accordance with Australian Standard 3660 certification. This reports on termite and borer activity as well as fungal decay and conditions conducive to future termite infestation, providing the purchaser with peace of mind. This is especially important since up to thirty percent of homes in Australia contain active termites or damage. In fact, termites casue more damage in Australia than fire or floods. If you are making a major investment in a home be sure to arrange for a fully accredited and insured timber pest inspection and report from Termvision Termite Specialists.

Seller's Inspection

A pre-listing home inspection helps to sell your home by giving potential buyers peace of mind. A pre-listing inspection lets them know your property is in good shape. They'll feel good about you and the property, which can make a difference when finding the right buyer and price. Pre-listing inspections strengthen your position as a seller. By having an inspection before selling, you're prepared for items that may show up during the buyer's inspection. You can prevent extended negotiations if the repairs are made ahead of time. Fewer contingencies in the sale contract will undoubtedly make the closing much smoother.

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