At Termvision Termite Specialist , our policy is to provide you with information about the termiticides to be used around your house or building. Australia has strong regulatory controls around use of chemicals in the pest control industry. There are several types of termite control chemicals registered by the relevant Australian Federal Government AVPMA for use in termite control. All termitcides used by us have undergone thorough evaluation and approved by national and state government authorities. These products represent the latest modern technology and are not in the older style organo-chlorine or organo-phosphate pesticide group. We use the following two chemicals on barriers and believe that these work effectively in  Queenslands Gold Coast and Brisbane soil  conditions.

Biflex Aqua - This water-based termiticide is almost odourless. It has a longevity of at least 10 years when applied at maximum strength. In practical conditions around a typical home, due to water exposure, disturbance of garden beds, we recommend retreatment every 5 years. A characteristic of the active ingredient in Biflex Aqua is that it binds very quickly and strongly to the soil particles. This makes it a good option where moisture movement in the soil may be a factor. It is the longest lastest termiticide.

Termidor - Termidor is one of the most thoroughly reviewed termite control products and can only be applied by a pest control professional who has been trained in correct application methods. Termidor is incredibly effective even at low application rates. Termidor bonds to the soil in which it is applied so home owners need not worry about soil movement. It is therefore the most effective termiticide where there is a risk of noncontinous soil treatment. In addition, Termidor is environmentally friendly with its active ingredient fipronil having been used extensively on food crops around the world and as  the leading product for flea and tick control on dogs and cats since 1995.

A chemical barrier works in two ways: it kills active termites and it creates a protecitve barrier around your home. Termvision Termite Specialists has fully licenced and experienced technicians able to install chemical barriers in accordance with the Australian Standard 3660. We use only the best termiticides available dependiong on the application or choice. The chemical barrier is applied around the external perimeter of the building by digging a trench down to the footings of the building, and depending on the type of construction of the property, around the internal perimeter walls. In a few cases, it may be necessary to treat around the internal walls. Internal treatments are normally carried out by injecting the chemcial through holes drilled in the concrete slab. The purpose of the trench is to expose the footings, pipe penetrations, and remove potential problems like tree roots, clay or other debris. The trench is then flooded with a large volume of termiticide as the soil is replaced with the trench, creating a continuous protective barrier around your home.

A chemical barrier will normally take only a day or two to install with very little upset to your daily routine. It is safe for the environment as the chemical is insoluable in the soil so the barrier stays where you need it. At Termvision, we recognise that some people have allergies to various substances so we recommend that you discuss an medical or allergic conditons with our termite specialists prior to having your barrier installed.